Prizeology case studies now online

If you’re particularly observant – and you’re forgiven if you’re not – you will have noticed that there have recently been some updates to the Prizeology website. Essentially, they’re fairly minor structural tweaks, designed to get you to the content that little bit quicker, but there are a couple of specific points we’d like to draw your attention to.

The Prizeology Blog, which you can also find under a tab at the top, has had a very minimal refurb, just so that you can take in more posts at a glance, but our services, also accessible via a tab, this time headed What We Do (as well as on the home page), remain as they were.

What’s new

The main difference on the site, however, is that we’ve added a tab called Case Studies  which highlights our work as a prize promotion agency – and no prizes for guessing what you’ll find when you click on it.  As I said in my recent post on our Haribo prize promotion, we probably don’t talk enough about our actual work, so we decided we should rectify that.

Body of work

The first point I’d like to make is that this is just a selection of our projects and, to be honest it’s a fairly random selection, but we hope it gives some sense of the various types of prize promotions work we’ve done and indeed can do.

For example, the Absolut Creative Competition case study highlights that we work globally. This ran in 19 countries and part of what we did was to ensure that the terms and conditions complied with the regulatory environments in all those countries – and believe me, what is compliant in, say, Hong Kong is not going to be compliant in India or Lebanon, where the ultimate winner was from.

Obviously, you should never have a favourite child and you should love all your projects equally, but the Prizeology team really enjoyed working with Symington’s on its Mugfuls of Joy prize promotion. We take care to build anti-fraud features into all our promotions, but on this one we were responsible for transporting lorry-loads of cash in actual armoured vehicles, which was both exciting and anxiety-inducing.

Logistical challenges

We rather like working out complicated logistics and the Pepsi Max scratch card promotion, which offered thousands of prizes, is a good example of that, as is the fast turnaround prize fulfilment we achieved on Samsung’s memory card giveaway.

Anyway, what can I say? If you’re a prospective client of course I’d warmly encourage you to have a look at the new Case Studies section of the Prizeology website, because I feel it represents what we can do as a prize promotion agency pretty well and, you never know, it might set off a train of thought about a prize promotion that would work for your business.

And if it does, feel free to get in touch via the usual channels – email us on or call us on 020 7856 0402 – because we’re always happy to discuss ideas and how we can use our expertise and experience to help.

Sophie Robertson is Prizeology’s Senior Project manager.

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