The Mugful’s of Joy cash giveaway required real £5, £10, £20 and £50 banknotes, to a total value of £50,000, to be inserted into promotional packs of Mug Shot. This equated to 6,100 individual prizes.


To ensure that the £50,000 prize money made it to market safely, we designed, implemented and oversaw the cash insertion process from start to finish.


The cash arrived by armoured vehicle at a secure unit in the Welsh Valleys and was initially counted by experienced Prizeology staff to confirm that the total was accurate. We worked with ten factory-based staff, all experienced packers to hand-packed and hand-sealed the cash into individual envelopes. We rigorously checked and accounted for the prize money at every micro-stage of the process to ensure that it was secure, and there were no discrepancies. The envelopes were divided into 25 bags, each with identical contents, and transferred to the Symington’s factory in Leeds, by armoured vehicle.

We worked with the client and agency to determine a method of feeding the envelopes into the production line across a 12-week packaging period without disrupting the line. Our expertise enabled us to highlight a number of potential issues that had not initially been considered. Prizeology staff then spent two days on site at the factory, ensuring that the envelopes were inserted correctly into the promotional packs and that all security measures were followed.


This was Symington’s biggest Mug Shot promotional activation to date. Customers have won the instant cash prizes and it has proved to be a highly successful promotion. Our carefully considered project management and forensic attention to detail ensured no security or production line issues arose.