ASA ruling: Luxsleeps I’ve looked at its website and although it’s fairly basic – the only frills are on the linens in its product pictures – bed-seller Luxsleeps appears to be a reliable and tr... READ MORE >

Scam alert: Coronavirus

Scam alert: Coronavirus. These are difficult times for all of us, but they are being made even more difficult by scammers who are callously exploiting both the situation we all find ourselves in an... READ MORE >
ASA news: Property raffles. You could say this is a minor obsession of mine and it’s certainly a topic I’ve covered many times in the last few years. Property raffles invite you to buy a ticket for... READ MORE >

Scam alert: Honda giveaway

Scam alert: Honda giveaway! This Honda scooter giveaway is not a scam I’m ever going to fall for. I’m not being arrogant or smug. We’re all potentially vulnerable to scams and I am no exception, bu... READ MORE >
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