Prize promotion: HARIBO Starmix

Here on the Prizeology blog we probably don’t share enough of the actual work we do, but for now we’re super-excited to tell you about a major project we’ve been working on with the lovely people at HARIBO.

To celebrate 25 years of Starmix, HARIBO has just launched its largest ever on-pack promotion. Consumers can win a host of fantastic prizes every single hour for six months – and Prizeology is super-pleased to have produced the whole shebang.

Prizes every hour

The prizes include Xbox games consoles, activity tickets and board games, and there are 4,200 of them available in total, but the excitement doesn’t stop there – oh no – because one lucky winner will secure the ‘grand prize’ of a ten-night stay in Florida, all courtesy of Britain’s favourite sweet (Starmix claimed the top spot in last year’s Channel 5 TV programme Britain’s Favourite Sweets, but it’s always been top in the Prizeology office!)

Featuring on share-size bags of Starmix, Tangfastics and Supermix, an on-pack flash invites consumers to take part. Every single day from February through to July they have to opportunity to win a prize every single hour and, take note shift workers and insomniacs, that includes the wee small hours of the morning. The chance to win the holiday is then open until the end of October. Obviously terms and conditions apply – and obviously these were written by Prizeology!

From sourcing to service

Prizeology has also taken care of the prize sourcing, the back-end design and build, the magic moments algorithm, generating THE unique codes, the prize fulfilment, managing the prize draw for the holiday and all the customer service related to the magic moments promotion.

Starmix’s yummy combination of fried egg, ring, cola bottle, bear and heart throb gummy sweets make it HARIBO’s best-selling product in the UK and 87 million bags are sold each year, which gives you some idea of the sheer scale of the promotion.

Cause for celebration

Reaching the quarter of a century mark is definitely an anniversary that’s worth shouting about and Claire James, who is the Trade Marketing Manager at HARIBO, told the press, “We’re so pleased to be celebrating this 25-year milestone with consumers and what better way to mark the occasion than by delivering even more moments of childlike happiness. We want shoppers to join in the fun and look forward to seeing the excitement from those who win.”

And, you know, that pretty much sums it up for Prizeology as well, because working on this prize promotion has been super-fun for us. HARIBO was looking for a ‘playful’ promotion. We believe the prizes and the overall presentation really reflect that, and we believe Starmix-lovers are going to enthusiastically embrace that spirit of playfulness, too.

If you’re thinking of running a prize promotion, whether it’s this big or on a more modest scale, do get in touch via email on or call us on 020 7856 0402, because we’d be happy to talk through how we can help.

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Chief Prizeologist.



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