Global Prize Promotions

Did you know you can’t give away cash in Italy? But gold will do very nicely, thank you. And while no one in the UK pays tax on their winnings, the same can’t be said for prize-winners in Portugal. Our international connections mean we’re fully conversant with the different regulations in place in different territories and our best practice advice isn’t bound by borders.

With our international compliance expertise, you can take your prize promotions to places they’ve never been before, giving your products exposure on a global stage, and enabling you to consolidate existing markets and break new ones.

Where in the world? Anywhere – France, Germany, Sweden, the US, Australia… OK, we’ve never written terms and conditions for a prize promotion in Fiji or Bhutan, but there’s a stack of dictionaries on our desk and our passports are in the drawer. We like to see ourselves as adventurous types – what about you?

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