The Campaign

In January 2021 QVC ran an instant win prize promotion with Prizeology. Launched when there was no other ongoing promotional activity, so that the client could measure impact easily, there were 1000 prizes – a mixture of QVC credits and physical prizes – to be won across a three-week period. Customers made a purchase and used their order number to enter. The winning moments backend was gamified with a frontend spin-the-wheel mechanic. Winners received an instant on-screen notification and at the end of the promotion all entries were put into a prize draw for a grand prize of £10,000.


Prizeology created the concept, built the mechanic, wrote the Ts&Cs, mailed the prizes and dealt with customer queries. The latter was a significant element of the promotion, because customer engagement was huge. We received an average of 30 entries a minute, so the customer service freephone number and email address we provided were very well used! The promotion closed at midnight on a Sunday and our staff sat up answering last-minute questions from entrants until the deadline had passed!

QVC’s broadcast division hadn’t used an external agency before, so the customer service team inevitably had some concerns about how we would deal with their customers. As the promotion was developed, we built their trust with a series of weekly meetings (which became daily meetings while the promotion was live). As our client says, “The QVC team soon realised that Sarah and her team would be offering the same level of service we would expect from our own call centre.”

The promotion also required liaison with multiple departments at QVC. Our client explains, “Initially there were a lot of departments to navigate and we had to loop in multiple teams internally to try and get this initiative off the ground... We hit a lot of road blocks and Prizeology helped us navigate them, meeting with whoever was required and whenever we requested, working with us until we found a resolution.”

The Outcome

Again, in the words of the client, “The promotion was a great success with over 250,000 entries and a 38% engagement rate.” The client also said – and it’s such a nice a pat on the back we can’t not mention it! – “Prizeology were the ultimate professionals throughout.”