Why a prize promotion is the best brand activation campaign

Here at Prizeology, we talk a lot about how you can run prize promotions, so I think it’s about time we cover why you should, and how prize promotions can fulfil your brand activation targets. 

Effective, enticing and easy to run. Prize promotions should be top of the list for your brand activation plans.

What is brand activation?

‘Brand activation’ is the act of making your brand known to people. 

A brand activation campaign is usually interactive, so the target audience can engage directly with the company. It aims to generate awareness, build a connection with an audience and create that exciting buzz through a brand experience.

Brand activation often consists of one specific campaign or event, such as free samples, in-store displays, or social media competitions. It just needs to make a splash and a big impact – its singular purpose is to elevate the brand.

Why do you need brand activation?

When you first start a company, how does anyone know you and your brand? How do you get to be that business who’s remembered just for their slogan? 

Just do it” 

“The best a man can get” 

“Snap! Crackle! Pop!”. 

You know exactly which brands I’m referring to, right?

Well, they certainly didn’t start like that, and no one knew who they were at first either. A brand needs to be ‘activated’ or it’s no more use than a chocolate teapot… and not at all recognisable.

Having said all that, brand activation isn’t just for the start-ups.  Most of our clients are well established brands, looking to increase sales, increase brand visibility, or launch product changes, and they to make consumers aware to achieve that, too. Or perhaps you’re a long-standing business and you just want to conduct a campaign to boost your engagement even more. 

To elevate your brand – or launch it – you need to generate excitement and give your target audience a reason to engage with you. Ultimately, you need to ‘activate’ your brand.

How can a prize promotion be used for brand activation?

It goes without saying that prize promotions are an amazing tool for brands to engage with existing customers, and potential new ones. A prize promotion captures imagination and instantly builds brand recognition. 

Who doesn’t love winning a prize?

If you reward your customers, you build a connection with them, and prize promotions can achieve this better than most other types of campaigns. In fact, they leave a warm and fuzzy feeling that’s remembered for a very long time. No brand is too big and no company too small to benefit from running a prize promotion. 

So, why should you run a prize promotion to activate your brand?

  • Exciting prizes tempt your target audience into action. 
  • Prize promotions are unrivalled at encouraging participation, engagement and bringing your brand to life. 
  • They help any brand to stand out from the crowd – helping you to look and act differently in a crowded market place.
  • The campaign provides measurable success 

Adding a prize promotion into the marketing mix not only ‘activates’ your brand, but you can achieve lots of those other goals on that hit list too:

Create brand awareness

People don’t know who you are? Launching a competition helps your product or brand to stand out against fierce competitors.

Reward customer loyalty

Need to boost your brand? Show your existing customers how much you love them and grab their attention so they take notice. Offer them the chance to win a prize for their commitment to your brand.

Increase followers

Looking for more followers, or to build a fan base from scratch on social media. The easiest way to encourage people to follow you is by offering a prize incentive for their interaction.

Create user generated content

User generated content is the perfect way to get people engaged with your brand. And you’re much more likely to get them involved by offering them a chance to win something in return for their effort. 

Build loyalty

If you give people more than one opportunity to win, they’ll definitely be back for more.

Increase site visits

On-site prize draws bring in the traffic. And, competition participants love sharing amongst friends, family and their followers, resulting in even more visits. Boom!

Planning your brand activation with Prizeology

We’re big-picture people at Prizeology, ensuring your prize promotion fits into your brand activation goals. However, we also scrutinise every single element of your prize draw or competition, to make sure everything is in place and works perfectly. Compliance is at the heart of everything you do, so if you work with us you can feel confident that your promotion will be meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Each and every campaign is a one-off, bespoke production, tailored to you, your brand objectives and your target audience..

If you’re raring to launch a prize promotion, Prizeology can help you make it happen –  give us a call on 020 7856 0402 or drop us a line on hello@prizeology.com

Sophie Robertson is Prizeology’s Senior Project manager.

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