Prizeology obtains ISO 9001 accreditation

Prizeology obtains ISO 9001 accreditation

At Prizeology we believe we provide a high-quality service to our clients and of course I believe I manage the business efficiently and effectively. However, it’s really helpful to have some external verification of our processes and procedures, which is why we’ve been working towards, and have recently achieved, ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. It was originally published in 1987 by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and over a million organisations around the globe have achieved it since then (but rest assured it’s been updated a number of times since 1987, because the world of business has probably changed quite a lot in the last few decades).

What it means

In short, Prizeology is now ISO 9001-accredited, so our clients know they can expect us to adhere to certain management standards. That’s all you need to know really, but while I have your attention (assuming I do have your attention…?), and if you’re interested, I’ll briefly tell you a little bit more about it.

You can look at ISO 9001 as a business improvement tool, because it gives you a framework and the guidance to enable you to monitor, manage and improve the quality of your products and services. It also helps you consistently meet the expectations of your clients or customers, and comply with regulatory requirements too (you will likely know how important compliance is to Prizeology!).

In principle

It is based around seven principles of quality management, which include having a strong focus on the client, understanding how important it is that senior managers engage, being willing to evaluate your performance and having a commitment to the drive for continual improvement. To achieve accreditation, you need to talk through as a whole staff your organisation’s approach and values, develop processes and document them.

Mind you, ISO 9001 is not the first international standard Prizeology has achieved. Oh no. We already have ISO 27001 accreditation, which means we’ve passed the test on how we handle the data which is entrusted to us (and believe me, that’s a lot of data). What’s more, we achieved the standard not once, but twice, because these certifications have to be renewed on a regular basis.

Anyway, ISO 9001 has actually been quite a demanding undertaking, but I think it has helped us streamline our operations and it does seem to have freed up some management time, too, giving us more capacity (not masses, but some!). All in all, gaining it has been a really worthwhile exercise.

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Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Founder and Chief Prizeologist. 
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