How do prize promotions make your shopper marketing campaigns more successful?

How do prize promotions make your shopper marketing campaigns more successful?

Following the pandemic, there’s definitely a need to increase in-store footfall and on-pack prize promotions are perfect for this.

Prize promotions are a vital aspect of shopper marketing strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world. It’s no secret that if you get a customer excited or put them in a positive mood, they’ll choose your products over those of your competitors. But why are prize promotions so good at grabbing consumers’ attention and promoting purchases.

What is shopper marketing?

Shopper marketing is when a brand focuses on winning over a customer at the point of purchase. When someone is in the store, they’re at the purchasing stage, so shopper marketing aims to make an immediate impact and directly appeal to customers in the aisles.

These last-minute marketing efforts can take many forms, including unusual packaging, free gifts or samples, in-store discounts or prize promotions.

Why is a shopper marketing strategy important?

A huge number of customers make their purchasing decisions when they are actually in the store, so it’s important to whet their appetite at the exactly the right time – when they are just about to buy.

With so much shelf competition, brands need to maximise the chances of their product being picked. To help persuade shoppers, there needs to be something in-store and on the products to ensure that theirs stands out in the crowd.

And it’s not just brands that utilise shopper marketing campaigns. Retailers want customers to choose their store and to come back through their doors time and time again, week after week.

How can a prize promotion improve your shopping marketing strategy?

When customers walk down the aisle of a supermarket, they’re presented with a number of brands and they’ve got to make a choice. Sometimes the prices are very similar or they don’t have a go-to brand that’s their favourite. So, how do you get someone to buy your product over everyone else’s right at that moment?

There are a number of tactics that can be employed here, and one of the most successful is offering a prize promotion. Here are just a few of their benefits for shopper marketing:

Achieve stand out on the saturated shelf. A prize giveaway can ensure a prime shelf position for your product and give you a huge advantage over competitors.

Encourage customer retention and repeat purchases. Provide your customers with a positive, fun experience and they’ll remember you, making them far more likely to purchase again in the future.

Promote customer loyalty. Winning a prize develops a customer’s sense of loyalty.

Target your marketing precisely. On-pack prize promotions are in front of customers right at the point of purchase.

In-pack or on-pack prize promotions successfully deliver against a whole host of shopper marketing objectives – increasing sales, frequency of purchasing, and customer retention.

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