Any excuse for a party!

As some of you will know, a few months ago Prizeology moved into new premises. We unpacked our boxes, lined up our pens neatly and got on with the job of sourcing prizes, crafting terms and conditions, and dispensing compliance advice on all things prize promotional (see our home page for our full range of services – yes, that’s a shameless plug). And then a few weeks later it occurred to us. We’d been so busy pushing back the boundaries of promotional marketing that we’d forgotten to stop and celebrate the move. So we had a party!

Our new accommodation is in a great building (it’s a former benefits office, but you’d never know it) with great facilities and a particularly great roof-top terrace, so we had the party here and invited all the lovely new people we’ve met who also have offices in the building, a rather random collection of old friends and, of course, our nearest and dearest.

Now I’ve done some event-organising in my time and I definitely know how to throw a party. Obviously there was fantastic food and drink, there was cool music (actually, in the interests of full disclosure, there wasn’t any music due to what you might call a technical hitch, but there was a lot of chat to make up for it) and obviously there was interactive entertainment.

The very creative (and fabulously mad) Miss Ballooniverse gave each guest their very own piece of balloon art to wear with pride and a cash grabber game brought out everyone’s competitive edge.

As you would expect, we had some very good prizes (thank you Red Letter Days), but I must confess I hadn’t realised quite how determined some of my friends can be (that’s you, Lucy!).

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable evening and the photos taken by the talented Yolande devries are fabulous, so I’ve decided to post a few of them, really so that I and my fellow Prizeologists can perk ourselves up at any time by reliving the fun all over again.

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