Making the world a better place

Making the world a better place

It’s impossible to say it without sounding at best insincere (and at worst… well, let’s not go there), but at Prizeology we are genuinely committed to trying to do good on this planet.

In 2021 we started making monthly donations to E5 Baby Bank, which is a charity based not far from our office, set up in response to Covid-19 to provide struggling families with clean clothes, toys, nappies, toiletries and kitchen utensils.

It works with refugee families, trafficked women, survivors of domestic abuse, parents affected by the pandemic and other families who need help. In summer 2021, it fundraised specifically for over 200 Afghan refugee families who it continues to support, so we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a really good cause.

Branching out

However, we want to do more, so, new for 2022, we have just begun to support a subscription-based climate action social enterprise called Ecologi. It gives people innovative tools that enable them to act on the climate crisis, including a subscription service to reverse climate change; a marketplace for climate solutions; and real-time carbon footprinting for business.

Ecologi’s mission is to avoid 50% of global emissions by 2040 and it aims to do this by supporting the best carbon offset programmes and planting trees in the places and habitats that need them. It currently has a 25,000+ subscriber base and is funding 1 million trees every few weeks, but its goal is to fund billions of trees a month.

Go for growth

I recommend you have a look at the Ecologi website, because it’s all explained there and you can also see how Prizeology is doing by checking our progress. OK, as I write we have funded a mere 77 trees, but, as I say, we are genuinely committed to this and we very much hope that before too long there will be at least a small Prizeology wood.

If you’d like to contact Prizeology, please call us on 020 7856 0402 or email us on

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Founder and Chief Prizeologist. 
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