A smooth way into influencer marketing

Smoothie PR helps food businesses to do their own PR. One way of achieving PR objectives is by using influencers, and here at Prizeology we have expertise in influencer marketing compliance. Our MD, Sarah Burns, offers her top tips for brands working with bloggers.

Sarah talks about disclosing paid for content, explaining that “if there is a commercial relationship between a brand and an influencer, on social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, content which meets certain criteria should be flagged with #ad.”

If becoming an Influencer Marketing compliance expert in less than 10 minutes tickles your fancy, you can read the full post here.

My favourite US prize promotions

If there’s something Americans do right, it’s promotional giveaways (and reality TV). Like in many other country’s prize promotions are a huge marketing tool used to optimise brand awareness and consumer-based consumption. Growing up in America I can recall many prize promotions, my favourite being the gold coins that came inside crisp bags. The coins […]


Winners brassed off by Brewdog’s ‘solid gold’ prizes It would seem all that glitters is not gold. In fact, this was certainly the case for winners of Brewdog’s recent gold can prize promotion. Actually, case is the operative work here, as beer drinkers were encouraged to find golden cans hidden in cases of beer. It […]


What I’ve learnt about prize promotions

As my third year at Prizeology draws to a close, I decided to reflect on what I’ve learnt working in prize promotions. I started working here fresh out of Sixth Form and ready to give the working world a good go. I had completed placements within some marketing agencies previously, so I had an idea […]

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