Top holiday prizes for 2018

A holiday is the ultimate prize in any promotion, but in case you’re wondering where should you send your lucky winners this year, I’ve collated a list of eight places which I predict will be especially popular in 2018. So, without more ado and in no particular order, here are my hot-spots – well, apart from number six, which is quite cold, even in summer.

  1. Gold Coast, Australia: In April this year, Australia’s Gold Coast is the backdrop for the Commonwealth Games. Fly your winners Down Under for the perfect combination of spectator sport and stunning scenery.
  2. Buenos Aires: Inspired by Joe and Katya’s Argentine tango on Strictly? Then what about offering the opportunity win a holiday in Buenos Aires? Exotic but with a European feel, interest in this destination is soaring right now.
  3. Russia: It’s the venue for this year’s World Cup – the first whistle blows in early June – which presents a great opportunity for prize trips to Moscow or St Petersburg, where winners can soak up the soccer atmosphere as well as taking in the sights (I wrote about running a World Cup-related promotion here).
  4. New York: It’s always on the hot list and needs no introduction from me, but consumers will still bite your hand off for the opportunity to win a trip to the Big Apple.
  5. Vis, Croatia: Scheduled for release in July – and I for one can’t wait! – Mama Mia 2, subtitled ‘Here We Go Again’, was shot on the beautiful and unspoilt Croatian island of Vis. Most of the original cast return for the reprise and, if you want to push the (small fishing) boat out for a total movie tie-in, it’s possible to book the accommodation the stars stayed in.
  6. Iceland: If you want cool and quirky, this is still a great prize destination. Reykjavik is the perfect size for a weekend break and exploring the extraordinary landscape of this provides great options for a longer stay.
  7. Zanzibar: For any non-geographers out there, Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean, a few miles off the coast of Tanzania, and it promises to be latest ‘fly and flop’ hotspot, its fashionability boosted by the May opening of the uber-cool Zuri Zanzibar
  8. Comporta, Portugal: And if you want to send your winners somewhere unspoiled, upmarket, but short-haul, try the secluded sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of this coastal location in southern Portugal.

My bags are packed and I’m ready to roll, but before you jet off, a quick reminder that although clear terms and conditions are essential for any prize draw or competition, when the prize is a holiday there are lots of additional points to consider. What’s included and what isn’t? Are there any blackout dates? What happens if the winner is unable to take the prize? If you don’t want your winners’ holiday of a lifetime to turn into a holiday from hell, please don’t neglect these details.

Prizeology can source holiday prizes to these and any other destination, and we can write comprehensive terms and conditions too. Drop us a line – or indeed send us a postcard – if we can help you with your travel arrangements.

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Chief Prizeologist and a National Trading Standards Scams Team Scambassador. Her favourite holiday destination is Ibiza.

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