On-Pack prize promotion: Win with Kingsmill

I like a piece of toast and marmalade in the morning. Sometimes I have a sandwich, usually hummus and carrot, for lunch. And when it comes to comfort eating, you can’t beat a nice, thick piece of bread and butter pudding. Why am I talking about bread? Because Prizeology has been working on a major on-pack prize promotion for Kingsmill, the bakery company, and that promotion has just gone live.

If you want to enter, nip out to the shop (don’t forget your mask) and buy one of the promotional 800g loaves* – it can be either  medium- or thick-sliced. What you need is a code and date, which you’ll find on the ‘best before’ label around the neck of the bag containing the bread.

Input two letters and two numbers, then another two numbers plus a few personal details at the Win with Kingsmill microsite built by Prizeology and then click the enter button. You’ll be notified immediately whether you’ve won or not, and, if you have, you’ll find out what you’ve won, too.

The mechanism at work here is winning moments, which operates like this. If someone enters during a winning moment, they will win the prize pre-allocated to that moment. However, if no one happens to enter at that moment, the winning moment stays open until the prize has been won. It’s simple to enter (not quite so simple to code) and all the prizes actually get awarded.

Cash flow

As I explained in a recent post, although it’s not really feasible at the moment to invite entrants to win a holiday – I’m not convinced ‘Win a weekend in Paris and two weeks in quarantine’ is going to pull people in – rest assured that as a promoter there are plenty of alternative prizes you can offer.

However, in many ways the most popular alternative – and I have to say it’s a perennial favourite – is cash. Indeed, cash prizes are the only prize on offer in Win with Kingsmill, because, as I wrote in another recent post, particularly in the strange times we find ourselves living through, cash prizes are the perfect solution.

Certainly, the cash prizes available to Win with Kingsmill are generous, with 850 cash prizes available from October to December, ranging from £10 (there are 500 of those) right up to £100 (there are 50 of those). There are also a further 12 large cash prices available in December, including one prize of £10,000 in cash. Those 12 additional cash prizes will be awarded via a grand prize draw, made on 14 December, and each household which enters during the initial period will have one entry into it.

Checks and balances

The terms and conditions, which we also wrote, state that only one entry per household per week is permitted, so we needed to be able to check that all entrants abide by this. If you read (yet) another of my recent posts, this time about cheating, you’ll appreciate that this is – unfortunately – a very real issue.

Here at Prizeology we’re very proud of this promotion, because it’s a great example of our all-round project management skills and our attention to detail. If you’re considering a prize promotion, we can undoubtedly help. Do get in touch via email on hello@prizeology.com or call us on 020 7856 0402.

* By the way, those living in Northern Ireland and wanting to Win with Kingsmill don’t need to buy any bread as ‘no purchase necessary’ is still in force there. Of course, because best practice is one of the areas Prizeology specialises in, we provided an alternative route to entry.



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