How to choose a prize promotion agency

Choosing which prize promotions agency to hire can be challenging, so we’ve put together some tips for how to choose a prize promotion agency that should hopefully make the whole decision-making process easier. There are a few key questions you should ask your potential new agency that specifically relate to hiring a prize promotions agency, rather than any other kind of agency. A good company will be able to answer these convincingly and give you the confidence that they can meet all these requirements.

Are you experts in promotional compliance?

Compliance is the most vital part of promotional marketing. If your prize promotions agency doesn’t know how to write legally sound, robust terms and conditions, run a promotion that is fully compliant with the CAP Code and other regulatory bodies, or get all the right influencer disclosures in place, then your prize promotion could fall apart, leaving you vulnerable to both financial and reputational damage.

Attention to detail is vital here. Whether it’s making sure point 34 of the terms and conditions covers every eventuality or checking that the celebrity promoting your prize draw is using the right hashtag, a good agency will be on top of it all.

Are you experts in prize sourcing?

A good prize promotion agency will take the time to understand your audience and identify prizes that will resonate with them. The staff won’t suggest offering a thousand plastic branded pens as prizes simply because they’ve got some left over from another promotion. Instead, they’ll know exactly what your target market is mad for at the moment.

However, if those branded pens are actually the right prize for this particular promotion, then they will know exactly how to source them and at a good price, too.

Do you offer bespoke prize promotions?

You may want your agency to run the whole show, right through to prize dispatch and winner management, or you might simply need guidance around compliance or ensuring your winners are verified or your prizes are sent out. On the other hand, you may need a bespoke microsite built to manage the entries.

The best prize promotions agencies understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that a tailored approach is needed, allowing you to pick and choose the services you need. They will also happily communicate with your existing agencies.

If you’d like to ask Prizeology these questions, do give us a call on 020 7856 0402 or email us via (but needless to say, our answer to all three is ‘yes’!).

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Founder and Chief Prizeologist. She oversees all Prizeology’s prize promotions.

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