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To be honest, if you don’t love Christmas and aren’t comfortable in reindeer deeley boppers you probably won’t want to come and work for Prizeology. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and at Prizeology we are unanimous in our adoration of it.

We all agree we will never tire of John Lewis’ Excitable Edgar and we don’t want to see Maria Carey’s ad for Walkers ever again, but as a special present to our blog readers we thought you might like to hear what makes the festive season sparkle for us as individuals. A couple of members of the Prizeology team took time out of their busy pre-celebration schedules, to answer a few questions and share some Christmas spirit with you. So here we go!

What prize would you most like to win this Christmas?

Sarah: I’d like to win a food hamper. I know that doesn’t sound particularly aspirational, but I’m a vegan and it would be great to have loads of chocolate and cake, and basically scrummy food, that I can eat over Christmas without having to look on with envy as my family demolish a fruit bowl full of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.

Sophie: I’m terrible at giving present ideas to people for myself, but I would love to win some vouchers from somewhere like John Lewis to spend sprucing up my flat. I’d like to have some nice kitchenware and decorations to make it even more homely, because that isn’t always possible when other financial priorities take over.

Poppy: I’d love to win a holiday. Part of me would love a holiday somewhere hot, where I can lounge about and do absolutely nothing but sip cocktails and catch some rays, but at the same time I’d also love to go on a wintery city break. I’ve always thought that Amsterdam or Paris would look lovely covered in snow.

We’ve certainly all picked popular prizes, and these are definitely the type of prizes that people like to win, but our advice is to always consider your customers. Put yourself in their shoes (or should that be Christmas stockings), work out what will motivate them to participate in your promotion, pick your prizes accordingly and they’ll be ‘wreathed’ in smiles.

How does Prizeology make Christmas memorable?

Sarah: We’re guaranteeing our clients have a great Christmas this year by finishing all our spring promotion builds before we close for the holidays. Friends and family always assume we’re busy at this time of year, and we are, but it’s not just with Christmas promotions – we already have six spring/summer 2020 on-pack campaigns to complete before the end of 2019!

Sophie: Every year we manage lots of Christmas promotions and even where terms and conditions state that prize acceptances received after a certain date cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas, we always do our very best to ensure winners receive their prize before the big day. This means that if a winner only claims on the very last possible posting day, we will dispatch their prize on that same day. It just helps to make winners’ Christmases that little bit more special!

Poppy: Christmas hampers always go down a treat and there’s nothing we love more than getting in some pre-Christmas wrapping practice. We really make the effort to decorate our prizes with pretty tissue paper, ribbon and colourful packaging too. It’s the perfect way to spread a bit of Christmas love and the end products always look beautiful!

Whether it’s mastering the minutiae of Royal Mail’s Christmas posting schedule or wrapping prizes beautifully, it’s all about attention to detail. That’s how we approach the festivities and that’s how we approach the prize promotions we run for our clients. You might say that, just like Santa, we deliver!

What’s your absolutely best thing about Christmas?

Sarah: Oh, I love everything about Christmas. Everything. I love it for lots of reasons, but it’s true that it’s the one time of the year I can can truly switch off from work and spend quality time with the family without having to check emails all day.

Sophie: For me it’s going home to France. It’s the only time of year I get to go back for a whole week and have enough time to properly enjoy and appreciate being back with my friends and family.

Poppy: There’s nothing I love more than going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with my friends and singing a load of Christmas jams with a cup of mulled wine. Everyone’s in a great mood and it’s nice to spend some time with my friends as most are at university. I’ve already arranged to go three times this year and I highly doubt we’ll stop there…

Christmas brings joy and so do prize promotions. That’s our simple but powerful Christmas message! We won’t be shutting up shop, putting our feet up and watching It’s A Wonderful Life for the millionth time until Monday 23rd December, but if we don’t catch you before then, have a restful and happy Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year 2nd January 2020 to be precise (which is when we open for business once more).

For all your prize promotions needs – at Christmas and any other time of the year – get in touch!

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Chief Prizeologist and has been wearing Christmas socks and pjs since September.

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