Prizeology was asked to undertake a campaign for the German division of QVC, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary in August 2021. The request was prompted by an extremely successful prize promotion that Prizeology had run for the UK division of QVC earlier in the year (250,000 entries and a staggering 38% engagement rate). The first German promotion then went so well that QVC Germany commissioned Prizeology to produce a second one.


The first campaign was a winning moments promotion. Customers entered using their customer number and order number. They could enter once a day, providing they had a new order number. Non-customers couldn’t enter and because these details were required it reduced the risk of fraud.
The frontend design was a ‘gift box’, which customers ‘opened’ in order to enter the draw. If they opened a winning gift box, it ‘unwrapped’ to reveal their prize. These were QVC credits, ranging from €5 to €2500 credits. At the end of the promotion there was a grand prize draw for €5000 in QVC credits.
Prizeology developed the backend, designed the frontend, allocated the winning moments, and wrote the terms and conditions. Prizeology’s German lawyer ensured they complied with German regulations, and all content was translated into German. Working with a German copywriter, and drawing on the experience gained from the UK promotion, all customer service communications were written in advance. This meant that the Prizeology team in the UK was able to manage all queries in German.
Prizeology liaised with QVC Germany’s customer service team on a daily basis, so that winners’ details could be checked and verified. Customers whose entries could not be verified were emailed by Prizeology. A list of confirmed winners was then passed to another team, who uploaded the prize credits to customers’ accounts. Prizeology then emailed winners to notify them that this had been done.


At the point of entry, customers were given the chance to opt in to a QVC newsletter. This produced a significant number of new subscribers, which, in addition to rewarding customers and celebrating its anniversary, was the prime business objective for QVC.
In fact, this element of the campaign was so successful that in November 2021 QVC Germany decided to run a very similar campaign. Prizes were again QVC credits, although the value distribution was slightly different, and this time entrants spun a cake to cut it and reveal a slice with a winning (or losing) message.