Boots approached us because they were concerned about the security of the data collected from in-store promotions which they were administering themselves. This jeopardised their plans to run more in-store prize promotions.


To enter in-store prize promotions customers use a paper entry form. Boots wanted to verify that all entries were being entered into the draws and there were concerns about what was happening to the data once each promotion ended, as not all stores were returning those forms to head office.


Prizeology devised a service which enabled us to maintain the integrity of promotions and guarantee the security of the customer data. Rather than relying on individual stores to mail their data to head office, we arranged for couriers to pick the data up from stores. To facilitate this, we sent an explanatory letter and a courier bag, each one pre-labelled with our return address and the relevant store number, to each store. Couriers collected the data and delivered it to Prizeology. However, a small number of stores still didn’t return their data, so we called each one and arranged another collection.

We logged all the entries and, within a specified timeline, conducted two draws, one for the UK and one for ROI. We then contacted all the winners to confirm their address details, packed the prizes, which were beauty products, into blue hamper boxes finished with a white ribbon, and dispatched the prizes.


This process ensured that all entry forms were returned to us, so that we could conduct a fair prize draw from all the entries. We were also able to guarantee that all entries were subsequently returned to Boots’ head office. In terms of data integrity, we achieved just short of 100% success for this promotion – only two stores persistently failed to return their data. We proved that our process was highly effective and Boots subsequently decided that by adopting our procedure they could confidently continue with their in-store promotional activity.