Prizeology MD makes top ten

So I feel like I should be writing this blog in the third person not the first. That’s because it’s basically about me and the first person seems rather, well, big-headed and boastful. I tried it in my head – ‘Prizeology is incredibly pleased to announce that its managing director, Sarah Burns…’ – but as that doesn’t really feel comfortable either, I’ll just say it – I’ve been named one of the top ten women in the corporate world to watch in 2019.

I know. Little me. I mean, I’m blushing as I type, but I’ve made it into the #SheStartedIt100 and it’s a real honour. Who’s done the deciding? That would be About Time, which was founded in 2014 by the obviously very discerning Angelica Malin and Alicia Grimshaw, and is now one of London’s top lifestyle websites. It has 90 writers in 30 countries worldwide and a global audience of over 75,000. In their own words, Angelica and Alicia cover “Everything that’s worth your time, money and energy in London and beyond.” Now including me!

I’ve got to say I’m in stellar company, too. At number one is Rita Trehan of Dare Worldwide; number two is Anna Kuriakose of TotallyMoney; Jennifer Quigley-Jones of Digital Voices comes in at number three; number four is Nadya Powell from Utopia; the number five spot is Alice Olins of Step Up Co; Samsung UK & Ireland’s Kate Beaumont is there at six; number seven is Veronika Lovett of Esme Loans; eight is Heather Baker of TopLine Comms and TopLine Film; yes, Sarah Burns of Prizeology – there I am at nine, which is my new lucky number; and finally at ten is Women In Business Expo’s Christie Day. Illustrious women all.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let this accolade go to my head, but I’m genuinely proud of what my team and I have built at Prizeology in the last couple of years. As anyone building a business will know, it’s hard work and although, as they say, success is its own reward, it’s also gratifying when someone else happens to notice what you’re doing, so it’s very nice to receive this recognition and my thanks go to About Time.

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Chief Prizeologist and named in the About Time Top 10 Women in the Corporate World to watch

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