Influencer marketing research makes headline news

Our research UNDER THE INFLUENCE: UK Consumer Attitudes to Social Media Influencer Marketing made headlines last week with The Drum, Campaign, PR Week, Marketing Week, among many other titles, reporting our results.

If you missed the stats (how, I don’t know), we discovered that an overwhelming majority – 71% of people –  wrongly believe that there are no regulations surrounding influencer marketing, 61% of consumers believe that influencers do not have to state that they have been paid to talk about a product, and a staggering 88% of the general public believe that they should be informed if people are being paid to promote product. If you haven’t already, you can download our white paper to read our findings.

The conversation got really interesting this week, with both Campaign and PR Week prompting further debate within the industry.

I’m delighted that our research created significant interest and I hope that as a result, both influencers and brands will work together towards better transparency. It’s what the general public want after all.

Sarah Burns is Prizeology’s Chief Prizeologist.

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