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Decode Magazine looks critically at how technology is affecting individuals and society, and when Prizeology MD, Sarah Burns, was interviewed for this piece on the relationship between brands and influencers, she talked about the concept of trust. She said, “People don’t generally mind being marketed to as long as they know that it is happening, but no one wants to feel they’re being duped and if influencers and brands don’t disclose their collaboration they are in fact duping the public.”

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Postal entries unfairly excluded from ITV promotions: Avid readers of the Prizeologist blog may remember that back in August this year we posted that ITV had gone to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom, head bowed and cap in hand, to confess that a number of its on-air competitions had not been run fairly. Ofcom has now […]


Scam alert: Cadbury chocolate hamper

Anyone out there who likes chocolate? Thought so. Anyone out there out who would like to win a hamper stuffed full of slabs of Dairy Milk, piles of Chocolate Buttons and handfuls of Curly Wurlys? Yes, thought so too, but if you do, don’t enter a prize draw on the Cadbury Reward Facebook page, because […]


Running a prize promotion on Facebook

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about how to running a prize promotion on Facebook  but it’s a topic worth revisiting, partly because the rules are updated from time to time, and partly because those rules mean it’s not quite as easy as you might think to use the social media platform as a […]

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