Verification, Seeding and Promo Security

Verification, seeding and promo security may keep a low profile in the prize promotions world, but you do need to keep tabs on them – or we can keep tabs on them for you. We hate to assume the worst of people, but it pays to avoid any, er, embarrassing outcomes.

Verification, seeding and promo security are really all about integrity. Take verification. Is your winner who they say they are? Do they own their submission? Have they got the receipt to prove they purchased your product? Whatever the mechanic, we monitor and audit entries and votes to ensure there are no duplicates or suspicious patterns. We do broadcast verification for TV voting, too.

We also handle seeding, so large-scale promotions deliver the reach you need, and prizes are allocated on a fair and random basis. In fact, we can be there on site to confirm that everything is secure and above board. In other words, we do the leg work, so you can put verification, seeding and promo security to the back of your mind.

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