Legal and best practice advice is front and centre of everything we do. We’ve got your back, because we ensure your promotions comply with the CAP Code, which regulates promotional activity in the UK, and all other relevant UK legislation, including the rules on data protection. The detail can be complicated, but suffice to say we make sure your promotion, your customers and your brand are fully protected from the long arm of the law.

Our legal and best practice advice knows no boundaries, thanks to our excellent international connections. What’s legal in this country may not be legal elsewhere, so rest assured that our reach is global, and we’ve got a firm grip on the different regulations in place in different markets.

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance! In our humble opinion you can’t afford to do without our top-quality legal and best practice advice, because our commitment to the highest industry standards delivers financial and reputational protection. So to sum up, our aim is complete compliance and no complaints – and you can’t say fairer than that, m’lud.