Prizeology MD makes top ten

So I feel like I should be writing this blog in the third person not the first. That’s because it’s basically about me and the first person seems rather, well, big-headed and boastful. I tried it i... READ MORE >

The Set for Life lottery

The article, which featured in the Sun Money section of The Sun, explains how the new Lifetime Lottery could result in happier winner stories, following from the disastrous revelations about winner... READ MORE >
Smoothie PR helps food businesses to do their own PR. One way of achieving PR objectives is by using influencers, and here at Prizeology we have expertise in influencer marketing compliance. Our MD... READ MORE >

Planning an effective prize promotion

Chief Prizeologist, Sarah Burns put together an essential read for My Entrepreneur Magazine detailing how to run a successful promotion. From drafting terms and conditions to the regulations surrou... READ MORE >

Decode Magazine

Decode Magazine looks critically at how technology is affecting individuals and society, and when Prizeology MD, Sarah Burns, was interviewed for this piece on the relationship between brands and i... READ MORE >
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